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Liqueurs (or Cordials): The Basics

The words liqueurs and cordials are used interchangeably. Liqueurs were first developed by the Christian monks of the middle ages. They were developed to help the sick. The monks added secret combinations of honey, seeds, herbs, spices, roots, and bark to distilled-base spirits and offered them as remedies.

After Shock
Cinnamon liqueur imported from Canada. Initially tastes like hot cinnamon.

Amaretto Di Saronno
Imported Italian liqueur made from apricot stones, which produce an almond flavor.

B & B D.O.M.
Imported liqueur from France. A combination of Benedictine and Brandy that started out as a popular mixed drink until the French decided to bottle the two together.

Campari Aperitivo
Aperitif imported from Italy. Aromas of fruit pits and botanicals. Slightly bitter flavors of fruit.

Black raspberry liqueur from France made with small black raspberries, other fruits, herbs and honey.

Chartreuse Green
Herbal liqueur made by the monks of the Carthusian order in the French Alps.

Cointreau Liqueur
Imported orange liqueur from France. Similar to orange curacao. Clear in color. Flavor of fresh orange peels with a slight hint of spice.

Romana Black Sambuca
Imported licorice flavored liqueur from Italy. Black color.

Imported liqueur from Scotland. Made with aged Scotch-over 15 years old-and blended with heather honey and herbs.

Hazelnut Liqueur imported from Italy. A mix of hazelnuts, berries, and herbs. Flavors of hazelnut and butter.

Clear cinnamon schnapps from Switzerland with flecks of gold leaf floating in the bottle. Sweet-sour cinnamon flavors.

Grand Marnier
Made with cognac, essence of wild oranges and delicate syrup, the mixture is aged in oak casks prior to bottling.

Irish Mist Liqueur
Imported liqueur from Ireland. A blend of heather and clover honey and herbs.

Imported liqueur from Germany. Intensely herbal, citrus nose.

Liquore Galliano
Imported liqueur from Italy. Aromas of roots, herbs, flowers, and cedar.

Metaxa Ouzo
Imported liqueur from Greece. A combination of grapes, herbs, and berries including aniseed, licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel, and hazelnut.

Pernod Anise
The recipe for Pernod is a slight variation of the original recipe for absinthe; an herbal elixer made from 15 exotic herbs steeped in alcohol. Licorice flavored and yellow-green color.

Midori Melon
Imported honeydew melon flavored liqueur. Light, fresh melon taste.

Yukon Jack
Canadian liqueur. White-wine-like appearance. Flavors of orange and spirit.

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
America’s number one imported liqueur. Aromas of coffee beans. Flavors of coffee and semisweet chocolate.

Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur
Imported coffee liqueur from Jamaica.

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Cream liqueur imported from Ireland. A blend of real cream and Irish whiskey.

Melon Liqueur
Sweet melon flavored.

Brown Creme De Cacao
Brown color. Rich cocoa flavor.

White Creme De Cacao
Clear color, taste the same as the Brown Crème De Cacao.

Creme De Menthe Green
Dark green color. Mint flavor.

White Creme De Menthe
Clear. Natural mint flavor.

Creme De Banana
American banana flavored liqueur. The ‘Creme’ means that this liqueur is sweeter than most liqueurs or schnapps, not that it is blended with cream.

Creme De Noyaux
Made from fruit stones (pits) that gives it a nutty, almond flavor. Similar in flavor to Crème De Almond

Creme De Cassis
Black currant flavored liqueur .

Peppermint Schnapps
Peppermint flavored liqueur. Schnapps is less sweet than a liqueur or a fruit creme.

Peach Schnapps
Peach flavored. Most schnapps are generally low in proof and contain a lower sugar content than other cordials.

Root Beer Schnapps
Root Beer flavored schnapps made in the U.S.

Buttershots Schnapps
Cordial that has intense butterscotch aromas and flavors.

Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps
Hot cinnamon schnapps, like fireball candy. 100 proof.

American liqueur with the aroma and flavor of licorice from the anise seed.

Orange Curacao
Orange flavored (only natural ingredients are used) liqueur. Made from orange peel.

Blue Curacao
Orange flavored. Made from orange peel. Blue color.

Triple Sec
Orange flavored liqueur. Orange peels are used for the flavoring. Similar to curacao, but more refined.

Southern Comfort
A blend of bourbon and peach liqueur. Made from bourbon and peach liqueur in which fresh peaches were marinated.